Custom Uplighting

Have you ever watched the dream wedding shows on cable and wondered how they create the embiance that just makes their wedding amazing?  How about the weekly singing competitions that crown a champion by popular vote?  It seems as though the stage and the singer's attire are color coordinated.

It's the lighting.
Most venues use incandescent lighting, flourescent lighting or a combination of both to light the rooms, not to create an atmosphere of elegance or excitement!  That's why Hitkickers DJs uses a combination of lighting effects and the latest in lighting technology to provide you with the atmosphere you want--whether it
be one simple color, a combination of softly-alternating colors or rapid sound-activated multi-colors  We can match your color schemes to represent the theme you wish to portray. When combined with dancefloor lighting, it's always a party to remember!Over 16 million colors to choose from.